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Rapid Turn

On Line Graphics and Finishing welcomes you and your project challenges. On those rare occasions when you have plenty of time to complete your project we welcome your business. But rest assured for those occasions when you need rapid turnaround - we still welcome your business! We know what it is like when project deadlines are brought forward unexpectedly or suddenly there is need for a couple of extra parts or it even looks like it will be over budget - we will work with you to get your project back on track and offer up inexpensive solutions.

Engineering / R&D

We prefer pre-determined specs and drawings, however, our highly skilled engineers and technicians are fully equipped to review your project and reverse engineer any of the processes necessary. Full prototyping services available.


Our Quality Control Inspectors have implemented rigorous inspection procedures to ensure that your project is produced according to the supplied specifications. We consider the inspection process to be an integral part of the entire project - not just a function performed at the end; throughout critical stages of any given project we re-evaluate the specifications and project progress. Should the original specifications not reflect the path toward the desired outcome; the quality team will work with you - making recommendations - to protect the integrity of your project.